The New Normal

The Columbia Chronicle special edition | May 11, 2020  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone at the Chronicle was working from home in our final months of the Spring 2020 semester. Despite the lack of access to our server, adequate resources for the entire visuals team to lay out the newspaper, and the shift of our readership base from print to completely online, the Spring student management team agreed that we should have one last print issue.

While it was a daunting task to lay the whole 40-page issue out myself, I knew that I had all the resources I needed to do it. I received lots of support from the whole management team, most notably from editor-in-chief Alexandra Yetter and director of photography Mike Rundle, and together we created what was arguably the most important issue of the semester.






Publication layout

Publication design


Art Direction


Content Curation

Cover illustration process

Working together with editor-in-chief Alexandra Yetter, we wanted to depict "the new normal" for many Columbia College Chicago students— being at home while anxiously checking their phones for news updates, Netflix on their laptop but forgotten, and with essentials like tissues, hand sanitizer, water, etc. near them.

Created digitally using Procreate.

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