The 26th Hokin Honors Exhibition

Over winter of 2018, I was selected by Illustration program faculty members Chris Eliopoulos and Chris Arnold to represent our program in the 26th Hokin Honors Exhibition.

I chose to make work on the theme of human influenced environmental issues, so I titled the three works altogether as Causing Disaster. The three works were printed 3x4' (36x48") on heavy Photo Matte paper.

The show was exhibited on April 11, 2019 in Hokin Gallery at Columbia College Chicago. My work won the Visitor's Choice Award.



Wildfires have ravaged California, with some of the worst we’ve seen coming from last year. A combination of widespread drought and bark beetle infestation of oak trees have exacerbated this issue, producing powerful blazes that have caused significant ecological damage.

Created digitally in Procreate.



Some claim that we are in the midst of another mass extinction, this time human caused. Hundreds of bird species have died out rapidly over the last few centuries, and currently scientists have also been monitoring an insect die-off at an equally alarming scale.

Painted with watercolor and ink on 300lb cold-press paper.

Oil Spill


The Gulf of Mexico has seen environmental damage from oil spill accidents at an incomprehensible magnitude, with some of the worst events happening in this century alone. The most critical parts of the habitat of the gulf sturgeon, which are now listed as endangered, are all along the Gulf of Mexico.

Created digitally using Procreate.

Photos courtesy of  Elena Vincent.

Special thanks to my faculty advisors for this project— Chris Eliopoulos, Chris Arnold, and Ivan Brunetti.

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